“Ye are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14)

As old as candle stick is, its function still remain relevant till eternity. A candle has one primary function – illumination! The intensity of light from a candle is determined by the purity of its material. There are different grades of candle – there is one that produces sparks when lighted and it burns out very quickly, another grade gives itself up by mere observing the material it’s made of.

Jesus Christ compared a Christian life with the light in Matthew 5:14 to encourage Christians to be mindful of the enormous grace and potentials they carry. The story was told of a cock (rooster) and fox. In the olden days, foxes were scared by the appearance of roosters because they assumed the “comb” on its head is fire; until one day the rooster cheapened itself by asking the fox to come and feel and touch the comb and that it’s not fire. Suddenly the fox realised that the comb was actually not dangerous but succulent and since that day, the rooster became the best meal for foxes.

The fact that you cannot see or feel that you carry fire (power and grace of God) does not diminish the originality of God’s word concerning a Christian; because “His Word is His will; His will is His bill and He will pay” (Akinmoladun, T, 2019). We’ve been overloaded with the message that: ‘our world is fed up with reading the Bible, but ready to see the Bible in Christians’ life’. This is a world full of darkness and bereft of wicked works, therefore the best way to lead sinners to Christ is to let your candle light bring illumination to all manner of darkness around you.

You are Christ’s ambassador (II Cor 5:20), you can be Jesus Christ to that: junkie, the homeless, the orphans, drug addicts and run-down ones in the society. When you do it for one of these, you may probably have done it for Christ. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE, DON’T HIDE YOUR IDENTITY.

*Akinmoladun, T. (2019). Effective praying (RCCG Sydney- Prayer warrior night vigil, 09/02/2019).