Now there was no smith found throughout all the land of Israel……’ (I Sam 13:19).

At a time, there was paucity of blacksmiths throughout the land of Israel to make them swords and spears to fight their enemies. None of the children of Israel had one except Saul and Jonathan (I Sam 13:19-22).
Most times the devil attack our means of destiny accomplishment in order to keep us in slavery just as the Philistines removed all the blacksmiths in Israel. Consider the negative effect that would have on a family and nation? Blacksmiths are skillful in making swords to be used in battle, and other implements used on farm lands. Devil’s tactics haven’t changed. His clandestine plan is to make docile the “molders and shapers” of God’s kingdom and keep them busy with other assignments.
There is a huge vacancy in the position of spiritual blacksmiths in our time and a world-wide recruitment is on, for brethren of deep spiritual piety that understand how to shape raw materials into something God can make use of. This caliber of people will not only shape the raw materials, but also sharpen them on continuous basis.
Sadly we see and observe that only very few General Overseers and ministry leaders create opportunities to work with their raw materials. They are either running the “show” by themselves or naïve about this very important phenomenon that they will not be there forever.
Finally, spiritual blacksmiths are not only needed in the Church but in our nations to re-position our culture. We need destiny influencers in our media, education, business and policy decision making apparatus. It is time for the spiritual blacksmiths to emerge from all constraints by the Philistines and return to the ancient assignment of shaping destinies of men and women for God’s assignment.