“And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts (Mark 5:17)
An astounding miracle had just happened not only in the life of a notorious man, but in a city
because a mad man had just regained his sanity and by extension, the bad stigma associated with
the city of Gadara has been removed. But instead of celebrating the new found experience, the
whole city issued Jesus Christ, the miracle worker an eviction notice from the city.
One can only assume that they were afraid He’d interfere with their means of livelihood, or that the
miracle may be the beginning of wrestling control of the administrative power from them. Either
way, their action depicted that they wanted no part of what Jesus had to offer. If it’s possible to put
in words our secret thoughts, might they not sound something like this also?
Some of us are saying: ‘You can have any part of my family life, but what I do for living is none of
your business Lord; I’m happy to surrender my life to You, but don’t ask me to forgive that bloke; or
I’m willing to give You a tithe of my income and what I do with the rest of my money is none of your
business; I want you to be my Master, but there are still somethings I want to hang onto in some
areas of my life’.
Beloved, it’s only wise to give what you cannot protect to someone who can guarantee safety of that
thing. The Lord Jesus wants all and not just part of you. He wants to be Lord of every aspect of your
life including those ones you’d like to be left to your own devices.