“Pay careful attention, then to how you walk… redeeming the time….” (Ephesians 5: 15 – 16)

A thread mill machine is a mechanical device that helps in sprinting, climbing or walking while maintaining a stationary position. Kilometres of steps are recorded while on the machine without a change of location.

Most Christian’s life mirror this description in that we surround or are surrounded by a lot of services in and around the kingdom but are empty in the inside. No evidence of spiritual advancement or progress can be seen in us and in sincerity, there is a cry in the heart saying: ‘I need help, I am dying”, but because of shame and comments of people we keep mute.

Jesus gave a parable of a tree that is leafy and greenish, cumbering the ground but lacked a commensurate fruit in Luke 13: 6-9. The tree was taking nutrients from the soil; rain and sunshine never cease to come on it either, but it was denying the owner of the much expected fruit. Whilst you are engrossed in the ministry work and the entire world is acknowledging the expansion of the ministry, are you truly rolling out fruit commensurate with the OWNER’S expectation?

The time has come for the 21st Century Church to sit down and take stock of how we are doing the Kingdom assignment, compare this with the quantity and quality of products coming out of it and God’s expectation of us. If no sincere progress can be observed, be sincere to yourself and ask the question: ‘who I’m I deceiving’?

Then take a position by returning to the track field (JESUS CHRIST) with whom your progress can be measured and sincere assessment can be given. Don’t be deceived, the Lord cannot be bribed with polluted services for He sees into the inner most recess of every man. God’s desire is to make you a reflection of Himself and not to make and dump you. Your fellowship with Him is more crucial than the public ministry to men.