‘…But one thing is needful…… ’ (Luke 10: 41 – 42).

Mary and Martha (sisters to Lazarus) welcomed Jesus into their residence one day and in their usual custom, wanted some refreshments to be prepared for their guest. While Martha was busy in the kitchen, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His teachings. Expectedly, Martha expressed her displeasure at Mary’s lack of help and asked the Master to rebuke her. Instead of rebuking Mary, the Master counselled Martha to be careful of where her priority is positioned. Amongst many lessons to learn are the following:

-While good living is expedient, Christians should be careful not to make its pursuit a do or die affair. Always remember that your heavenly Father has put higher premium on making sure that you’re fed than the birds (Luke 12:24). When you believe that it is through “your hard work” alone that success can be achieved, then you’re missing it. God’s blessing makes rich without adding sorrow to it.

-Matthew 6:33 paraphrased says: ‘seek God’s kingdom first, everything else shall be given to you’. Adhering to instructions will save you from failures and futile efforts. Beloved, take time to receive from the Lord the instructional manual for your life before setting out. This will assist you to work smarter rather than harder. The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong……(Eccl 9:11). Make up your mind not to chase shadows again.

-While the Master may be hungry for results, He is not interested in product that lacks spiritual nutrients and stamina. The question is: what is your motive as regards that engagement? Does it contain God or self?

-Jesus called Martha twice lovingly, but sternly warned her that: ‘thou art careful and troubled about many things’. Brother, Sister, are you also not careful and trouble about numerous things today? The Saviour is offering you the solution to the problem which is: seek the Kingdom of God first and your maker will lead you to the way out of the issues (Matthew 6:33).