Past may haunt, future may worry. “Cast thy burden upon the Lord……” (Psalm 55:22).
The past has a way of defining the future especially if all indices are in place; but when varied, the outcome(s) will differ. A shady and clouded past can surely haunt and affect future success if not truly and genuinely corrected. The message of restitution (though old) is an undisputable one and relevant in this discourse. Reuben story is a practical example (I Chronicles 5:1). While many pay little attention to this salient fact but to their detriment, sadly destinies has suffered depletion of fulfilment while others seemed to have been truncated.
The contemptible past may range from un-forgiveness, jealousy, child abuse and stealing, flagrant disobedience, cheating, backbiting, bullying, internet atrocities, dishonouring of parents (biological and spiritual) white collar crimes and many other vices. The truth is: God doesn’t allow us to step into new things (new season) when we still have old baggage going on in our life. Until we let go of our past struggles, we‘ll keep struggling to step into a glorious future.
The future worry can be taken care of if you have a solid and concrete past testimonies. David is a solid example in this regard. He said: ‘your servant has killed both lion and beer, and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them….’ (I Sam 17:36). Confidence to challenge tomorrow’s worry is built based on the victory of yesterday. Lion, Beer and Goliath may represent your tomorrow, but when you have the God of David, you are in the company of the champions.
Jesus Christ can help you handle the haunting past when you come to Him (Isaiah 1:18) and He will give you an assurance of a secured future even in the midst of uncertainties (Isaiah 43:1-2).