“…and without fail recover all?” (I Samuel 30:8).

The barren is a potential over taker. Have you been termed barren in any area of life and already made a laughing-stock amongst your neighbours? Rejoice because your life is about to experience a positive turning point. One person who experienced overtaking was Hannah and her testimony is found in I Samuel 2:5. She was branded barren, and at a stage accepted the verdict of men concerning her state to the extent that Peninah (her rival at home) believed that bearing children was her exclusive right in the house of Elkannah their husband until Hannah’s season of fruitfulness emerged and she was blessed with Samuel (the greatest prophet of their time) and three other boys and two girls.

Beloved, the winner of a race is not necessarily the fastest and in any case, he/she is always determined by God (Eccl 9:11). I have seen countless people who started swiftly in life but ended poorly and as well those with rough beginning but now sitting with kings and princes in life. The denominator is God’s factor. The truth is, if you walk diligently with the God of recovery, you can be assured that those who have gone ahead of you will soon join the list of those you have overtaken.

Are you tagged “barren not only by men but by specialists and experts of this world”? That is men’s report and not God’s; for there is a better report for you. Hear Hannah’s one, which is true in all cases of barrenness: ‘they that were full have hired out themselves……’ (I Sam 2:5).

You are permitted to overtake and recover all that the wicked maliciously took away from your life. Draw closer to God and worship Him. Dump every negative report and assertively believe heaven’s report concerning you and your end shall be glorious in Jesus name.