Mentorship Programme Policy Statement

Family Life Mentorship Programme – FLMP
Role Model Mentorship Programme – RMMP

1. Background, Justification and Objectives of Policy

The 21st century church should be an avenue through which not only spiritual needs are catered for but much more, deliberate interventions are made in the social spheres of the lives of believers and congregants. Needs will vary and be influenced by demography, cultural backgrounds, physical and spiritual maturity and experiences. Hence, the church should enable an atmosphere and opportunities through which these needs are met within its own circle and to eliminate the need for the laity to seek aid external to the church network. This will foster and engender a robust, trusting and interdependent laity community which has long-term effects on the sustainability and continued existence of the local parish itself, as this will stimulate affinity of laity members.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is no doubt a Christian community which over the years has been consistently populated by varying people groups. It has been observed that when these individuals attend the local parish, there seems to be no structure which provides guidance and mentorship to ease their settling in and their long-term establishment. Moreover, for a few that have been able to enjoy some sort of grounding, they are still very much oblivious of the inherent opportunities to better their lot.
As a result of this and many more, there is a need for the parish to be deliberate about establishing a one-stop structure which will provide guidance and mentorship for people in this category and for its congregation at large. What has obtained up till the present has been one-on-one interventions by individuals in the church which has left many congregants in the cold and inadvertently created and reinforced exclusion. This has given some an impression of negligence or discrimination, howbeit indeliberate.

Another unfolding scene is the need to provide mentorship for the growing community of young people in the local parish. Many are confronted with issues regarding choice of a career; managing peer pressures and expectations from parents and the society at large; dealing with raging emotions and many more.
In light of the foregoing, the Redeemed Christian Church of God hereby formulates this mentorship policy to address these issues.

2. Operational Structure

The mentorship programme shall be operated in two streams:

The Family Life Mentorship Programme (FLMP) shall assist young, budding families achieve their desired (career, financial, investment, social, spiritual, familial) goals with expert involvement and mentoring by older, experienced and successful families in the local parish who have equally been through the same trajectory.

The Role Model Mentorship Programme (RMMP) shall provide guidance to teenagers, youth and single adults who may have challenges with navigating through the complex mazes of adolescence and bachelorhood/spinsterhood. Mentorship shall be provided by young married adults who have recently exited this tempestuous phase.

Both streams will be run by a consortium of willing mentors and mentees who have indicated interest in the programme. Mentors will have the opportunities to choose from the pool of interested mentees and vice-versa. This is to ensure mutual willingness from both parties which is fundamental to the success of the mentorship programme because it is understood that both mentors and mentees must be able to secure each other’s trust; respect for privacy and confidentiality and the assurance of “being at home” with themselves for the programmes to achieve their objectives.

3. Enrolment and Administration

3.1 The mentorship programme shall be superintended by a Mentorship Programme Committee (MPC) which shall be chaired by the parish Pastor. The MPC shall be duly constituted and membership ratified by the parish church council.
3.2 A pool of mentors shall also be constituted and approved by the church council and/or parish pastor. Consenting mentors shall be interviewed by the MPC and shall complete a consent form (RCCG-RAS-FRM-MCF-001).
3.3 Enrolment on the programme shall be effected by completing and submitting either of the following application forms which shall be issued by the Mentorship Programme Committee (MPC):

a. Family Life Mentorship Programme: Form No. RCCG-RAS-FRM-FLMP-001
b. Role Model Mentorship Programme: Form No. RCCG-RAS-FRM-RMMP-001 3.4 The MPC shall hold the rights to approve or withhold approval of applications.
3.5 The MPC shall facilitate the mutual pairing of both mentors and mentees.
3.6 No mentor shall have more than two mentees simultaneously and no mentee shall have more than one mentor, concurrently.

4. Responsibilities/Key Performance Indicators

4.1 Mentees shall be clear-cut about their expectations when paired with their mentors.
4.2 Mentors shall have the responsibility to be upfront, factual, honest and responsive to mentees’ expectations.
4.3 Mentors shall also have the additional responsibility of not being judgemental of mentees and/or enforcing personal opinions, outlooks and discretions.
4.4 Mentees shall have a choice to heed to mentors’ advice but shall be not compelled to action this advice.
4.5 At least once every quarter, mentors and mentees shall visit each other, meet in an environment or jointly engage in activities that will facilitate openness and trust.
4.6 Duration of mentorship shall be as deemed fit and agreed by both mentors and mentees.
4.7 Either mentors or mentees shall have the right to opt out of the programme at any time they wish to.
4.8 Feedback on the mentorship programme for each paring must be provided to the Mentorship Programme Committee (MPC) through the feedback form (RCCG-RAS-FRM-MPF-001), once every 6 months.
4.9 All information on the feedback form remains confidential and may only be accessed by the mentors, mentees and the MPC only.

Download related Forms below:

RCCG-PR2-FRM-MCF-001 – Mentor Consent Form

RCCG-PR2-FRM-RMMP-001 – Role Model Mentorship Programme Form

RCCG-PR2-FRM-MPF-001 – Mentorship Programme Feedback Form

RCCG-PR2-FRM-FLMP-001 – Family Life Mentorship Programme Form

RCCG-PR2-POL-MP-001 – Mentorship Programme Policy