“Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried….” (James 1:12)
How you react during moment of pressure most likely depicts the level of your spirituality and defines the “real you”. You can have a five-storey house decorated and furnished with aesthetic materials; as far as the sun is shining, the edifice will look like a bulwark of beauty and strength. Next to that house can be a single-storey one that is almost non-existent in comparison with the former, but founded on something you cannot see – the rock.
The five-storey may survive winds of low category but when hurricanes hit at it, will fall like pack of cards. A single-storey one built on the rock has the tendency to survive storms and hurricanes.
Are you a five-storey Christian (greenish and leafy outside but with a tomato-like root)? You’re most likely to weather a few minor or midsize storms, but when the big ones come, you’ll lack the capacity to survive.
Pressure of life do come to everyone, but what determines whether you stand or fall is the foundation on which you’re built (Matthew 7:24-26). Make Jesus Christ the foundation of your life as He will stand by your side at steaming and challenging moments and will not permit evil to triumph over you (Isaiah 43:2).