‘I…lifted my eyes to Heaven, and…..I was restored…..’ (Daniel 4:34 – 36).

Bringing back what has been lost especially in an unexpected form can be heart-warming (Psalm 126:1).Such was the case of King Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel. When he repented, his understanding, reason, honour and splendour returned and he was restored to his royal position.

Most often we feel reluctant to ask for help because we have an image to maintain. How many times have we resolved that if I cannot get it done by myself, I won’t ask anyone for help?
If you’re struggling to come out of such mentality, you first need to humbly admit that pride is trying to wreck your life. No one ever get to the top without the help of others and most importantly, the help from above (Psalm 121: 1-2). Pride is dangerous and can make an individual to be in the same position for endless duration without progress.

Bury your pride and ask for help. You will be better off doing so than to end the task in failure and regret. It’s the result that justifies whether you pass or fail, as no one wants to know your level of preparedness or lack of it. How many student fail exams just because they refused to ask for help before the exams day? Do not wait for your day of test to come before asking for help.

Every man has appointment with trials and tests in life. Some may even be in the middle of it now; whether you win or lose depend on how smart you are to “call a friend”. And in case you have lost battles several times, God can make you not to lose the war.

Humbly return to Him and he will restore you as He did for Nebuchadnezzar. To the extent that the same people that rejected you will start looking for you to be reinstated into your original position (Daniel 4:36).