“For God so love the world, that he gave…’ (John 3:16).

When you are genuinely in love, making sacrifices for the one you love will be a thing of pleasure and not a burden. I’ve heard of stories of lovers who traveled from one end of city to the other at least twice in a day just to “behold each others faces” with no specific important discussion, and doing it with joy as if the distance was a stone throw. Jacob in Genesis 29:18-28 served his father-in-law for 14 years to marry his heartthrob and it seemed to him as seven days. John 3:16 classified God’s love with an adjective called “so”. This is to intensify the power of His love towards the world. His love was extra-ordinary, in that while we were un-loveable, He stretched his hands of love to us.

No price is too much for the one you love. If you truly love your wife, you will pay the price of faithfulness to her in your workplace or even in the ministry; and same is expected vice-versa. Do you know that some husbands are yet to demonstrate their love for their wives by sacrificially giving to her like God gave us His one out of one (John 3:16). Brother, if your relationship with your wife is all about convenience, and nothing when sacrifice is required, then you owe her a big time!

Brethren, in our bid to serve the Lord, sacrifice is required. God gauges our love for Him by the level of sacrifice we are prepared to make when it comes to serving Him. Are you afraid to serve Him sacrificially till you are completely exhausted?

The secret of divine increase is by: “emptying yourself of self and strength, then God shall have space to fill”. Therefore stop holding back; empty yourself into God and His kingdom.