Saved, but still……

‘O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death’? (Rom 8:24).
Praise God I am saved! It’s always a day or moment of great joy for someone to come from the domain of darkness to that of light (II Cor 5:17); but deeper than that is when an individual is experiencing true freedom from all the Satanic cobwebs.

There are deeper spiritual relationships awaiting you after your salvation but God cannot take you further except He carries out thorough cleansing of your life; for you’ve gone too far into the world. Though you’re in His kingdom now, but your language is worldly, your steps and motives are questionable and the Church is confused where to place you.

What about that gratuitous gift to the Church Senior Pastor, is it not for future spiritual promotion? No wonder our pulpits today are occupied by orators lacking spiritual unction! Today’s Church is the beehive of “helicopter Pastors” who are too hazy to hear from God and fast to be in men’s presence. Bribery and corruption has been labelled with liberal synonyms and detestable acts are going on in the temple of God as in the days of Hophni and Phinehas (I Sam 2:12-17).

There is need for sincere, self, examination (II Cor 13:5), and a determined desire to cry out for help from the true HELPER, in the same way Apostle Paul did in Romans 7:24. Let us all humbly come under the fountain of the blood of Jesus at Calvary, yield to his correction and never attempt to explain yourself out of his conviction. Renew your allegiance to Him through studying the Bible regularly and where required, be prepared to start all over again with Him. It’s time for the Church to cry for deeper experience with Jesus.