‘And it came to pass after these things…God did tempt Abraham…’ (Genesis 22:1).

The more you reflect on the life of Abraham, the dipper the spiritual insights you’re likely to scoop. Some of these include:

-That you can walk with God, and probably not know the full details of where He’s leading you. (Heb 11:8). But if you’ve ever heard of the wordings of the song: “where He leads me, I will follow…..” you will know that the journey will end well.

-Secondly, when God gives you a promise, the period of fulfilment is His prerogative. Abraham waited for 20 years after the promise of a child by God before Isaac came into his life. (Gen 12:2).

-Thirdly, sometimes you’ll miss it before you hit the right path with God. Abraham fathered Ishmael out of impatience. Most often, our biggest mistakes come from impatience and attempts to help God to fulfil His promises in our lives.

-Also, it is possible to exercise confidence in God in one area and fear in others. In Gerar, Abraham (the father of faith) was afraid that King Abimelech will take his wife (Sarah), and he lied that she was his sister (Gen 20:2). Do you know that we all have our Gerar bus-stops?

After God have finished testing Abraham with his “only” son …(Gen 22:1-2) and he passed it, Abraham named the place – Jehovah Jireh, which is interpreted: ‘the Lord will provide. Brethren, the tests you‘ve been through will begin to make sense when you face your biggest tests and pass it and at that point, God will say, “Now you’ve arrived at a place where I can use you”