“………Why should we sit here until we die?” (II Kings 7:3)

Taking a calculated risk is panacea to failure in life for there is a time for playing it safe. Attempt to live a permanent life of caution may corner you to a life of mediocrity and failure while opportunities and life pass you by. Therefore when you finish praying, meditating on Bible verses and listening to godly counsel, you’ve got to step out in big faith and throw in the net for catch (John 21:6).

In II Kings 7, four lepers sat outside the besieged famine-stricken city of Samaria. They had a mini-summit – we’re starving to death, there’s abundance in the enemy’s camp and they’re swarming over it. We can play it safe and stay here and die, or go into the camp and check whether they feed or kill us. The worse option is to play it safe and die hungry; but they concluded their round of discussion by taking a calculated risk – moved into the enemy’s camp.

Has it ever occurred to you that: those who wants to die don’t die and the group that fear death most likely die first? Beloved, your level of risk may not be big, but unless you take it, you are likely not able to fulfil your God-given assignment in life. The higher the risk, the bigger the returns and same is sure for risk averse people.

Jesus has called us into a life of walking by faith. This means: accepting worthwhile risks. You’ve got to sow in winter so as to harvest in summer (Prov 10:5). You‘ve got to prepare wisely for your risks for the Almighty God only rewards excellence. Using a dull axe requires a lot of strength to fell a tree – that’s the place of wisdom; for it helps you to succeed (Eccle 10:10).