“And we know that all things work together for good …” (Romans 8:28).

We are so much consumed with various activities at the detriment of acknowledging the contributions of people in our lives. Unfortunately, we have even taken some assistances rendered to us by others as our legitimate rights. Helpers of destiny do not necessarily have to be things or persons who played positive roles in leading us to our destinies; but actions, places and people who were antagonistic, inimical and angry at our advancements in life.

Joseph was destined to rule, but his own blood brothers envied and conspired against him to end his dream. Initial their actions portrayed hatred; but God Almighty turned the scenario into blessings for Joseph, his brothers and a whole nation of Israel (Gen 37:5-18; 50:20).

The above sentence may be very hard for an un-regenerated heart to accept but all things work together for good for a child of God (Rom 8:28). The activities of your enemies in your life were used to draw you closer to your Maker, otherwise you would have still be in the world, doing Satan’s bidding. Therefore, in hindsight, you may need to give thanks to God for using your enemies to draw you to Him.

God has also used good people at several times to meet our needs most often at dire moments. Such people may not even be related to us, some may even be divine angels in form of human-beings and after they’ve finished their assignments, you suddenly discover their disappearance. The ultimate helper of destinies is God Himself; for without Him, both our enemies and friends will not even be there to carry out their assignments.

In ministry, on personal and at family levels, let us make conscious efforts to apply brake in our lives and take time to acknowledge and appreciate “our helpers of destiny” (Psalm 92:1).