“The world is passing away and also its lust …” (I John 2:17).

Newton’s law of motion states that “what goes up must come down”. This law is consistent with everything made, manufactured or formed, as they all have ‘best before’ or/and expiry dates. Incidentally humans share in this reality in the exemption of few in the Bible.

God made this beautiful world by the power of His Word (Genesis 1:1; Hebrews 11:3) and put human beings in charge. The initial plan of God for man was to live eternally but Satan came and introduced decay into the plan through his deceitfulness and God reversed His initial plan; cursed human beings and by extension, the world (Genesis 3:19) and since then, nothing on earth lives eternally any longer.

A careful study of the world history is indicating that we are living in past glories. The elders will agree that: Europe is living on its past glories as its greatness has been eroded (and still eroding anyway!) by all kinds of social vices, unemployment, financial collapses, insecurity, refugee crises etc. America used to be the dream of many migrants in the past, but that is not the case anymore; Africa is yet to be free from her initial struggles instead new problems are evolving every day with no end in sight. The other continents are grappling with enormous and threatening issues. The United Nations is eating more than it can chew now as it is overwhelmed with a lot of issues around the globe.

Is anyone asking what is the way out? This generation will witness the end of the world as Bible warned that when we see all these calamities befalling the world, it is a sign that all is coming to an end soon (Luke 21:34). This world is in its evening stage and a little time from now, the end shall come.

What manner of man should you be at such a moment like this? Be watchful, be prayerful. Don’t live your life in carelessness and never place your confidence in earthly, materialistic stuffs that will be turned to rubbles shortly (Matthew 6:19-21), rather use them as means to an end. It is imperative on every believer in Christ to start practising here on earth a life of holiness as that is the lifestyle in heaven. Cut off from friendships and relationships that has the tendencies to blur your heavenly vision.