“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

The life of anything can be broken down into three stages – the childhood (infancy), adulthood and old (completion) stage. Apparently, one is dependent on the other. No wonder the medical world encourages mothers to immunise their children to avert all manner of ailments and diseases (though it remains contentious in some quarters, but generally embraced world-wide).

The foundation remains crucial in all sectors of an economy as it determines its sustainability. A nation with a challenging foundation will not only end up been poor, but will for a long time depend on aids. It will take hard work and grace of God for someone from a challenging background to excel in life; and a ministry with poor (spiritual and otherwise) foundation will in a short while fizzle out of relevance.

It’s been chorused many times that everyone is a product of his yesterday’s decisions; therefore the onus rests on us to make definitive decisions guided by the Holy Spirit today, to secure a glorious tomorrow that is void of regrets.

This is to the youths – effective use of your “yore days” is non-negotiable. The old man of today was once an agile, young man; therefore build a strong super-structure on Christ, the solid foundation (I Cor 3:11). Study, identify and copy from the story of ‘true successful’ Christians to guarantee your old age.

In case you’ve wobbled during your infancy stage, you’ve missed out on crucial and fundamental nutrients and your rest stages are now showing signs of distress, there is always a remedy in the hands of a loving Father (Matt 11:28; Lk 15:11-32). Reach out to Jesus Christ sincerely and ask Him to re-arrange your life. He can go to your past because He is the ancient of days and amend the challenging foundation. He is more than capable to reposition your present and infinitely strong to secure your future (Heb 13:8).