‘…..and he made him a coat of many colours’ (Genesis 37:3).

Since there is no crown without a cross, and any true and enduring legacy most likely will have background of hard work; so to be used by God, you must be prepared to wear two coats Joseph wore in his own time.

First, the coat of favour. Joseph’s father (Jacob) made him a coat of many colours (Genesis 37:3) which is a signature of favour. He was favoured over and above his brothers. Like Joseph’s multi-coloured coat, the favour of God will cause you to stand out in the crowd; it will open doors, protect and promote you (Psalm 5:12).

Secondly, the coat of integrity. Joseph preferred to leave his official dress in the hands of his master’s wife when he refused her advances but not his coat of integrity (Genesis 39:11-12).

Your current temptation may be different from Joseph’s. You may be tempted to peddle rumours, cut corners on a job, slander that individual, lie to save face or claim credit for something you did not do; whatever it is, you will be tested, and your character will be revealed. At such period, you will need practical knowledge gotten from past experiences to see you cross the bridge of temptation. No wonder Joseph Parker, that great English preacher said: ‘an un-tempted minister will never do us any good, and an untried one will talk over our heads’.

What will sustain you in your trying season is the Word of God in the inside of you. Passing the test of integrity is what qualifies you to be used by God.