“..I have found David…a man after My own heart”(Acts 13:22)

It’s true that some of God’s promises become reality quickly; but others like the one God gave to David that he’ll be king in Israel have to be fought for. Who are we to question God how He arrange our destinies?

In the case of David, a tribal family called the Jebusites controlled Jerusalem (Zion) then and taunted him saying, “You will not get in here…(II Samuel 5:6). Their positional advantage gave them so much confidence. David and his men had only one path to the city, and that is through the water passage where they have to fight against all manner of opposition. Conclusively, David captured Zion (II Samuel 5:7).

Beloved, if God has to, He is capable of bringing you up through the gutter to get you to the throne! Are you in an obscured position today (hidden and out of view)? That does not mean you’re not on your way to Zion. Do you know even in that state, you can steadily be making progress towards your goal that is ready to burst into limelight any moment?

The Jebusites got a shock of their lives when David’s men burst out as if from nowhere! So when you’re up to the neck in issues and challenges of life and the enemy is saying, “You won’t make it, stand on God’s Word and remember David’s triumph in Jerusalem. The Almighty God can show you how to make your obstacles pathways to glory and honour.