When thou passes through the waters, I will be with thee….. (Isaiah 43:2).

What is the weather like today in your life? Calm, unsettled or rough? Whatever is your lot, as a child of God, remember the promise of God in Isaiah 43:2 that God will go all the way through with you and you will come out safe on the other side.

Everyone – believers and unbelievers, boys and girls, young and old will have an experience of storms in life; but our approach to it will determine our shape when the storms calm down.

Jesus and his disciples did not escape the lashing of storms. They even experienced tsunami of it, but the Son of God was more than well prepared for them all. Storms do appear in marriage, in careers and professions that are regarded as secured and safe; businesses face instabilities and uncertainties especially in an environment of global political and economic uncertainties. Storms do appear in ministries and political environment and there is an avalanche of stormy issues that we battle with in the heart every moment. One’s sound health today can be struck with a terrible health challenge tomorrow.

Mostly the aftermath of storms bring devastation, destruction and damage, but when Jesus is in your boat as it happened in Mark 6:47-51; you will be alive to tell a good story after it has calmed. In your season of storms, arm yourself with the following:

  • Loving, passionate and non-judgemental friends. Remember Job’s friends.
  • Bible reading may be tough and difficult at such times, hence memorize them now as they will be your credit account to draw from.
  • Testimonies of past heroes will be of great help as well as prayer support from true believers.
  • Surround yourself with songs of praise to the Almighty
  • Finally, endeavor not to speak evil of your God for He knows and can see.

Are you in that season of storm now? The word of consolation for you is that: God is with you and you will not sink, neither will you be consumed. But will appear on the other side safe in Jesus name.