‘….to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning…’ (Isaiah 61:3).

In Chinese culture and terminology, crisis is a mixture of pains and opportunities. Times when stakes are high and outcome seems doubtful, purpose do emerge from such scenario like beauty from ashes. True healing from disappointment, failure and pains can only commence when you are truthful about the reality of things and be able to express (verbal or otherwise) your pain.

It seems those who navigate through the learning curve of pains find it quicker to identify couple of bad decisions that led them to their present state. They tend to promptly identify where repair work is needed and ready to map out strategies for success. At first, like every others, you will feel as if you cannot make it again. Remember that it is only a fool who will keep repeating the same mistake over and over again, therefore you will be required to make few strategic changes with the sole aim of getting a better result next time.

It’s a fact that the aim of every challenge is to destabilise a man’s “centre of gravity”, but at such moment, you (a child of God) is expected to dig deep into your inner recess strength hidden in Christ. You may not feel courageous right now, but that does not wipe out the fact that the strength is there to be tapped. Psalm 46: 1-11 provides a strong courage for you in God. Therefore be encouraged, for you have a better tomorrow.