God in His infinite wisdom made time; to demarcate events and happenings as seen in the book of Genesis chapters one and two. Timing is an integral part of God’s plan for your life and you need to understand what to do, and when to do it (as well as the reverse); otherwise, you’re likely to miss your window of God – given opportunity.

There is incubation or pregnancy period as well as season of giving birth or emergence. To everything there is timeline. Under normal circumstance, we expect a pregnant woman to deliver her baby by the ninth month. Unfortunately, there are lots of intelligent people who still carry the pregnancy of their dream unbirthed. They’re always getting ready to evolve, but never quite make it. Most times, this may not be a fault of their own though.

The decision to surrender and serve God should not be postponed till another day; for you know not what tomorrow will look like. Why procrastinate about the need to say YES to the voice of your Creator regarding that issue? The immediate reward may seem insignificant compared to what you anticipate, but if it’s from the Lord, the latter gain will awesomely embarrass you (Jeremiah 29:11; Haggai 2:9; Psalm 31:15).

The truth is that vision has a shelf life as they are for “an appointed (fixed, prearranged and chosen) time (Hab 2:3). The intensity of a fire is for limited season, thereafter, it will gradually die off. If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and secured; beloved, it will never come. In life, the reality is: lasting peace outside God is a mirage, not all races will be won and not everyone who climbs Mt Everest will ever conquer it but you can make up your mind to birth that laudable dream now not withstanding your small beginning.