And the LORD said unto him, “What is that in your hand? …” (Exodus 4:2)

Every one who has a divine call, has been supernaturally equipped and spiritually endowed by the Caller. Moses did not attend any prominent school of broadcasting neither was he an eminent orator nor an eloquent spokesman. He was clumsy with words and so, focusing on his weakness, saw himself as a “bad speaker’. Yet, God decided to use him to lead the nation of Israel out of the land of Egypt and to communicate His ordinances to them. We tend to stand in the way of God when our focus is on our weaknesses rather than the ability of the Almighty God Who can use anything to accomplish His mission.

There is no risk or limit to God’s abilities, gifts or resources. Samson, with the jawbone of an ass, slew a thousand Philistines – Judges 15:15. A sling and a stone became the mighty weapon that brought down Goliath the giant – 1 Samuel 17:50. The issue is not what we have but the power backing up what we have and what we decide to do with what we have been given. No resource is too minor and none should be despised when the Master and its Maker has chosen it as an instrument to accomplish a mission.

God can take your little and make much out of it, but is your faith very little or much in God’s ability? That ‘minor’ gift, talent or material in your possession can become ‘miraculous’ under the power of the unlimited God. Five barley loaves and two small fishes from a young boy who had the courage and enough faith to surrender them to the Master became more than sufficient for about five thousand people even when one of the apostles queried what they could do among so many – John 6:1-13.

Moses’ rod remained ordinary as long as he held on to it, but when he obeyed the command to cast it on the ground, it became a supernatural rod, You never know how God can work through the attributes He has endowed you with until you surrender them for Him to bless and multiply. What is that thing in your hand that you consider too little and very minor? It might just be what God wants to use to exemplify His Power and Presence. However, it will remain ordinary until you exercise your faith and surrender it for God’s blessing and use.