“Behold, I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all…..” (I Cor 15:51)

Nobody wants to die young, everybody wants to live long and probably stay alive as long as practicable even though we all complain of the rottenness of our society. The truth of the matter is that: the choice of your longevity is outside your call even with access to the best healthcare. The rich as well as the poor die, the young and the old bid this world au revoir and at several times we have seen children exiting the world before their parents. The truth is that: death can come knocking at the door without any prior notice to anyone.

While death is a glorious pathway to paradise for true Christians, it’s a dreadful one for the unbelievers (Phil 1:21). It’s given that if Christ’s second coming is delayed, we shall all exit here (the world) in the same manner we came; but the big question is: “what is your exit strategy”?. It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you have already planned to fail. I offer you a free course captioned EXIT 101 (happy reading).

-Feel free to discuss about the eventuality/reality of death with your spouse and your immediate family members. Doing so does not mean you will die soon.

-Let them know in details your assets and liabilities and where they are located (in case this has not been your habit before now).

-Write your will and if practicable, make it known to the beneficiaries while you’re still alive. This can be updated intermittently.

Jesus Christ spent 33.5 years on earth. The moment he finished choosing his twelve disciples, he informed them of His eventual death (Mk 8: 31-33), he told them of His coming sufferings and the realities of their suffering and gains for following Him.

If you are afraid of death, it means you need the help of someone who has conquered death – Jesus Christ (I Cor 15:55). Don’t be in denial of this reality and eventually be in the class of the fools (Lk 12:18-20). Therefore plan as if your exit will be delayed and as if it will be today. Whenever you’re ready to go, you shall leave having accomplished in Jesus name.