“All these things I have kept …” (Matthew 19:20).

Jesus was engaged in a discussion on the matter of the Kingdom with a rich, young ruler who applied for the role of a disciple in the Kingdom business. The man fulfilled all general requirements but failed the essential one – he was emotionally attached to his wealth!

How quickly we forget where we are coming from, the moment we suddenly transit from the level of financial struggle to that of prosperity? Parting with portions of our substances suddenly become real struggle and sometimes, we start to “negotiate smartly” with the original owner as if we are doing Him a favour.

Don’t you wonder why some people’s level of prosperity never go beyond “making two ends meet” to that of “flourishing”? The Lord promised that you shall lend to nations – in gold and silver, in uncommon ideas, in spiritual insights and unique heavenly anointing but how many of us are operating on that level?

Brother, Sister, sincerely what do you lack? Is it compassion for lost souls? Are you among those who hoard their salvation? Are you an enemy of the truth, do you struggle to swallow whatever is right, pure and lovely? (Philippians 4:8). Are you like that man who is emotionally attached to the ephemeral, earthly and transient pleasures that this world offers and because of it, you are living a compromising life?

Just as the Bible recorded that “it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” so is it applicable to those with riches without genuine and godly understanding of the purpose of their wealth. What do you have and how are you utilising it to the glory of the Lord and will you be humble enough to ask the Lord “what else do I lack” because of the sake of eternity with Christ?