‘He restoreth my soul….’ (Psalms 23:3).

Do you still remember that old sayings: ‘You cannot burn the candle at both ends’? Though we have transited to the use of electricity, but the relevance of the saying in all dispensation cannot be disputed. In this age, we all go for big things – high paying roles, big automobiles, big homes, etc. We start earlier, work harder and finish later. By the time we retire at home, the body is tired and ready to go to bed, with no time for the family. Most often, we are deceived to believe if we run this routine on weekly basis with no rest, we get rich quicker, pay off the bills faster.

Exodus 20:8-11 enjoined us to separate a day in a week for rest and spiritual renewal for that is the way God designed the body. Any violation of this rule will bring body fatigue that will eventually drain our creative energy, distort our outlook, affect our level of joy and drain our spiritual strength.

Remember the story of Elijah in I Kings 18:17-46; he did mighty miracles (killed 450 prophets of Baal, called fire down from heaven etc.); but at the end, he was exhausted and asked God to kill him. He actually had suicidal thought! God rescued him by:

-Providing him with good food (balanced diet).
-Sufficient rest.
-Good helper/assistant in person of Elisha.

Though you love what you do for daily living; and have the tendency to be consumed with it to the extent of even affecting your welfare. Sometimes you need no one to tell you that you are burning out. I recommend that you follow God’s prescription for a weary soul as administered to Prophet Elijah and you shall bounce back to active service again. The word restore in Ps 23:3 has 2 parts – rest and store. Therefore take time off from all activities to rest your soul and body, so as to replenish your spiritual life.