‘…..and be led forth with peace…’ (Isaiah 55:12).

In the game of football (and by extension in many sporting games), the center referee uses the whistle mostly when there is an infringement. The Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian is his referee. When last have you had a check in your spirit when you’re about embarking on landmark decision in your life? Chances are, God is attempting to get your attention (Isaiah 30:21).

We don’t know the future, God does, and He directs our steps by way of peace, or lack of it. The Holy Spirit acts like a referee. When the players stay within the boundaries, they are free to move about. But when there’s trouble, or the ball goes out of the bounds, the referee blows the whistle.

There could be couple of moments when the ball gets kicked out of bounds by unexpected, out of control weather conditions (adversity); at other times, we step out of bounds by giving way to temptation, disobedience and sin. If we are smart, when we hear the whistle, we will wait for God to restore our peace just as the referee restores order into the match when there is foul play in a match.

Isaiah 55:12 says: ‘…..you will be led with peace…’ It means the peace of the Lord will always accompany the right decision made by you.