‘There is a way which seemeth right unto a man..’ (Proverbs 14:12).

We are all product of decisions (directly or indirectly) made couple of days, weeks, months or years ago. Every pathway in life leads to somewhere. The Bible is full of counsels in regards to avoiding making damaging decisions – Proverbs 4:14 – 15; 14:12.

In today’s world, we see a lot of youth and young adults getting hooked on powerful drugs that with just one hit can get them addicted for life. They usually fall into the trap with the hype of getting “high”. Today’s parents need to create time to regularly speak to their wards early in life about Satan’s traps for young ones. Let your child know that:
-any habit you feed will always go stronger and this is also true about good ones too.
-such habit will always demand more
-eventually, such habit will take full control of you.

The society is littered with bad stories of different categories of people from all strata of life with regrets and thankful hearts respectively because of past habits they got hooked with that formed the basis of who they are today. Some have died because of drug overdose, some with damaged careers, broken relationships accompanied with regrets; while very few are grateful because they made good choices in the past.

Do not be screwed into “burble life”. Be wise by applying a brake into that contemptible, questionable lifestyle. When you have Jesus, you are on the pathway to a life of contentment. He is the way to life and joy. With His Spirit is living in the inside of you, you are bound to be “high” on daily basis without a bended thought. So before you step onto that wrong path, stop and ask yourself, “Where does it lead to?”