“…. For I am fearfully and wonderfully made…..” (Psalm 139:14)

When you know who you are, you’re most likely to die fulfilled if all other conditions are in place. Erik Erikson (1968) said: “the greatest challenge of human race is identity crisis”. God made human beings a little lower than the angels before sin came to rob us of that beautiful identity. But Jesus Christ came into the scene to thwart the plan of Satan by providing freedom to as many as take His offer of salvation. (John 3:16). And in Psalm 82:6, God re-echoed our new position with him in stating that: “…ye are gods…..”

The question you need to answer is: “are you ready to take this awesome offer – salvation from the lie of the devil? “. The reason why you are disorientated and fluid about your identity is because you have accepted a “confused message”.

The word of liberation for you today from God is that:

-If you do not matter in God’s agenda, you will not be existing. Therefore, you are not an error; for God cannot make a mistake in creating you.
-God took extra care to put you together to fulfil a unique counsel in His global plan for your generation.
-You’re susceptible to possibility of living a “photocopy” of your original life except you form alliance with your manufacturer (God) (John 10:10).

Once you settle your identity with Jesus Christ, you automatically qualify to harness all heavenly blessings that are void of malevolent manipulations (I Peter 2:9); and also permitted to be the deliverer of people who are under his (devil’s) yoke. It is a truism that this generation is mass producing people with identity crisis and the repercussions are enormous which cuts across spiritual, social and economy life of our society. DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?