‘Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God…..’ (Acts 27:25).

The story was told of Robert Schuller who was on a cruise ship off Queensland, Australia when suddenly the ship captain announced that they were about to navigate a very narrow and dangerous gap and needed certain comfortable level of water to avoid running aground. But almost immediately, a small motorboat approached them with a captain and he (the captain) boarded the troubled ship. The crew members of the ship stepped aside and let him take the helm.

This captain specialised in manoeuvring big ships through small spaces, and based on his display of expertise on this occasion, they made it through without a problem.

Beloved, before you get caught up in life’s storm (which is inevitable anyway – Isaiah 43:2), make sure Jesus is at the helm and you know who your companions are. Times without number the disciples of Jesus came face-to-face with perils (storms, voracious wind and hopeless situations), but for Jesus on the boat with them; none could have survived (Mark 8:23-27).

Storms has no regard for title, age or qualifications. If it can rage against the Son of God, you’re most likely not immune from it. When you go through storms that shake your faith, you need people who know what the Word of God says, and people who believe that God will do exactly what He said; no matter how bad the situation look and above all, you need an expert captain who knows the terrain perfectly well.