“Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?” (John 6: 67).
The gospel of the kingdom of God is that of love and truth. No man can come to the Father except
He draws the fellow unto Himself (John 6:44). Opposition to honest, hard truth has its origin from
time immemorial to the extent that even some of Jesus’ disciples went back from following Him.
The prodigal son went away from his father’s secured abode. He was deceived to believe that it’s
better staying outside “the enclosure”. His journey ended in colossal waste and regrets. Some
reasons why few Christians contemplate going away from Jesus Christ may include:
-Hurts/offences and losses.
-To avoid commitments and responsibilities that will impact on their hard – earned resources and
-Devil’s deceptive gospel that it’s easier and better at the other end.
-The honesty of the message of the Cross; while others do so because they’re “God users”.
Outside what Jesus has done, believers are required to work out their salvation with fear and
trembling on daily basis (Phil 2:12) and be resolute in following Jesus Christ all the way because He’s
the source of true joy and centre point of greatness in life (John 6: 68). The promise of a “cool” life
outside Jesus is a fake one and your life is in danger of constant attack while the promise of eternal
life outside Him is an illusion (Rev 22:15).
I encourage you not to go away from God’s presence (Heb 10:25), rather find your way back into His
everlasting arms. If you’re feeling tired and weary, come to Him for freshness because He alone has
the bread and water of life (Isaiah 55:1-2).