‘Then Jonathan said to David, Tomorrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed….’ (I Samuel 20:18).

You don’t realise how important relationship is, until you lose a dear one. Most often we neglect what matter so much in life because of our scramble for fame and other ephemeral things. Majority of people end life in regret when told that they have very short time left to live. Suddenly they remember the old friends they’ve abandoned on the ladder to greatness, the unanswered phone calls, the flowers forgotten to be presented to loved ones on their special occasions and the numerous emails not replied because of busyness of the day in the past.

Most often loved ones don’t need your wise analysis, cutting-edge advice or money, they just need your love, time, your support and that magic word – “I love you”.

Leaders in all cadres are at risk of sacrificing family time on the altar of career, popularity or the syndrome of been a “father Christmas” to all. Let us learn from past and present characters who ended up in regrets; and start doing the things that matter when we still can. While you pursue your God-given assignment on earth, do it alongside the people that matter so much in your life.

David was so relevant in Jonathan’s life that he lamented how empty he would be in his father’s palace for his absence at the feast (I Samuel 20:18). When the owner of life shall lay demand on it, will your loved ones miss you or not?