‘…..What is thy name? …’ (Genesis 32:27).

As Jacob was on his way to Canaan with all his family members after his separation from Laban, he had a divine encounter with an angel in the night before meeting with Esau. His name was changed to Israel (Genesis 32:26-28).

An encounter with God forced Jacob to look at his true identity. This made him to have a revelation of who he was, not who others said he was. Though his parents named him Jacob and others addressed him so; but God had a different plan for him.

What wrong or sorrowful name are you known with in the world? But why should you carry that label with your head bow down? You can determine who you are before God and He will determine your level of greatness. In Christ, you are more than your past, more than your education or CV, more than the colour of your skin, your bank account and your present circumstances (I Chronicles 4:9-10).

Announce to those who talk down to and devalue you, “You’re confusing me with somebody else. God says I am his child and I have the right to be treated like one – John 1:12, I Peter 2:9, I John 2:13-14”. If God changed Jacob and Jabez status, He can definitely do same with me.

Beloved, dry up your tears, lift your head, square your shoulders and begin walking in your real, God-given identity.