“…Cast out this bondwoman and her son…….” (Genesis 21:10)

Abraham found himself in a self-inflicted emotional and traumatic state when he yielded to the ill -advice of his wife to fast track God’s promise of a male child. Ishmael was born – a product of misguided human manipulation. Perhaps we all have our Ishmaels (good ideas but not God ideas).

Unfortunately such moves end up complicating our journeys; and attempts to get back to God’s plan, will require “casting out the bondwoman and her son”. A moment of dealing with the past and cleaning up the mess is inevitable; as until you correctly deal with it, your forward movement to the place of destiny may likely be a mirage.

Are you in a situation where your Ishmael and Isaac are living together under the same roof? Has God been speaking to you sincerely to “get rid of Ishmael” because of the good plans He has for you (Jer 29:11)? Clearly, it’s tough, challenging and most often painful to get rid of things that the flesh adores and loves; but you have two options – stick with your Ishmael and lose out on God’s best, or let go of him because of God’s best (revealed and those yet to be revealed).

What is the Ishmael in your life that God is asking you to get rid of? Ask for His grace to let it go and for His sustaining strength to close the door against them. The rewards of doing so are huge.