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The ageing world


“The world is passing away and also its lust …” (I John 2:17). Newton’s law of motion states that “what goes up must come down”. This law is consistent with everything made, manufactured or formed, as they all have ‘best before’ or/and expiry dates. Incidentally humans share in this reality in the exemption of few […]

Coat of many colours


“Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children …” (Genesis 37:3). Most often when we read the story of Joseph in Genesis chapter 37, we are quick to pass judgements on his brothers and also prompt in identifying how insensitive his father was to the presumed backlash that the coat of many colours can […]

The root


“And he went forth unto the spring of the waters …” (II Kings 2:21). Almost everything in life starts its growth from the root with the exemption of the grave. The stronger the root/foundation, the solid the structure will be and vice-versa. The root of a plant assists in supplying the necessary nutrients for the […]

Go and tell them


“Go home to thy friends, and tell them …” (Mark 5:19). Have you ever been in a Church service that was so exciting and awesome you didn’t want to go home again? Seldom God allows us to stand on a spiritual mountaintop where He renews us spiritually, emotionally and in other areas. But a moment […]

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