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A new heart


“Create in me a new heart, O God…..(Psalm 51:10)”. When Samson crossed his boundary, his two eyes were gouged out and mocked by his enemies in a Philistine prison. The very thing he loved was used as a bait to arrest him – sex and unguarded look. Another character similar to Samson in the Bible […]

Hold on to God


The three Hebrew boys – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had nothing to gain by blatantly refusing to bow to the king’s idol other than that the king ordered them to violate their conviction – there is no other God than Jehovah! Their action could be summarized as: ‘Better a live dog than a dead lion. […]

The old man


There are inherent habits and attitudes in a man’s life that if not spiritually handled, can dement a glorious ministry and destroy a destiny at a critical moment of his life. We have a lot of example of people that have fallen from pedestal of honours because they failed to tame their strongholds and this […]

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