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When the whistle blows


. ‘…..and be led forth with peace…’ (Isaiah 55:12). In the game of football (and by extension in many sporting games), the center referee uses the whistle mostly when there is an infringement. The Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian is his referee. When last have you had a check in your spirit […]

God deserves your best


‘…..offer it now to your governor; will he be pleased with thee, or accept thy person?…’ (Mal 1:8). From the beginning, God has been the owner of all things and still retains that title even till this dispensation (Gen 1:1). No art of giving therefore can surprise Him; rather when you give your best to […]

Can you go overboard with Him?


‘Peter heard him say, it is the Lord and jumped into the water’ (John 1:7). After an all-night labor in futility by the disciples, the Master and Owner of the universe had another encounter with them and asked them to throw their net on the right side of their boat, and they caught 153 fishes. […]

Stop dwelling on the past.


‘…..for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth …’ (Isaiah 54:4). The first woman was declared married by the time she opened her eyes on earth. She never got to grow up, but instantly stepped into being a wife, then a mother. Did that happen to you? You were a parent before you had […]

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