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There is a better tomorrow


‘….to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning…’ (Isaiah 61:3). In Chinese culture and terminology, crisis is a mixture of pains and opportunities. Times when stakes are high and outcome seems doubtful, purpose do emerge from such scenario like beauty from ashes. True healing from disappointment, failure and pains can […]

Will you be missed?


‘Then Jonathan said to David, Tomorrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed….’ (I Samuel 20:18). You don’t realise how important relationship is, until you lose a dear one. Most often we neglect what matter so much in life because of our scramble for fame and other ephemeral things. Majority of people end […]

What to do when exhausted


‘He restoreth my soul….’ (Psalms 23:3). Do you still remember that old sayings: ‘You cannot burn the candle at both ends’? Though we have transited to the use of electricity, but the relevance of the saying in all dispensation cannot be disputed. In this age, we all go for big things – high paying roles, […]

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