‘……If any man desire to be first, the same shall be the last of all….’ (Mark 9:35).     


A leader takes the front position to practically demonstrate the ‘how’ to the led. Humility is seen everywhere in such personality and he’s ready to learn from his subordinates. While a ruler ‘lord’ it on his subject and demands obedience even if he’s not qualified for it.


These two styles of administration can be found everywhere – family, places of work, community, nations and the place of worship; and their effect have wide range of implications. It is safe to imply that the world is in dire need of people of exemplary character who it can copy with the aim of having lasting peace.


A leader will seek after the well-being of his subject while a ruler is after what he can accumulate at the expense of his people. We have such examples in the lives of Jesus Christ and King Pharaoh oppressive reign over Israel respectively.


Most world economies today is run by rulers and their nations are going through agonies, oppressions, hunger, death and all manner of untold hardships. But you cannot blame them because their father is the devil. Any home, work place or place of worship that is administered by a ‘ruler’ will be an environment gripped by fear and intimidation. It will be a struggle to exercise your full potential in such environment and people will be suspicious of one another.


What is the purpose of aspiring to lead others? I reckon that it is to pass down a superior knowledge of success to subordinates in strategic format. Jesus is the perfect example here. Paraphrasing His statement He said: ‘if you want to be at the top, first come down’ (Mk 9:35). The only thing that starts from the top downward is the grave. Therefore don’t dig your own grave by lording it over (ruling) your subordinates unlawfully.