“Create in me a new heart, O God…..(Psalm 51:10)”.

When Samson crossed his boundary, his two eyes were gouged out and mocked by his enemies in a Philistine prison. The very thing he loved was used as a bait to arrest him – sex and unguarded look. Another character similar to Samson in the Bible was David. He equally struggled against unrelenting temptation. In a moment of weakness, he fell prey to lust and paid dearly. But he didn’t die in prison like Samson. Instead he died ‘a man after God’s own heart.’ Truly, this has been major tempting area for most human, and especially those that carry heavy grace of God in their lives.

The difference between Samson and David is genuine and contrite spirit of repentance. In brokenness and humility David called on the Lord and found mercy and grace to get up. The big question for everyone to answer sincerely is: ‘Am I living a secret life that only God and I know about? Have I allowed myself to become so addicted to my sin that I fear there’s no possibility of turning back?’

Don’t fall to the lie of the devil that: ‘it’s too late and irredeemable.’ It’s never too late to start doing what’s right and appropriate. You cannot sink too deep that Christ is unable to lift you. Repentance is the place to start with. It means turning from your sin, confessing your failure and acknowledging your inability to change on your own. It requires asking for God’s strength and stop rationalising what you are doing as you are only postponing your day of shame. Pray the prayer of David today – Cleanse me from my sin; create in me a new heart, O God (Psalm 51:2, 10). Don’t try to battle it alone, run to Jesus in humility for help.