Greater percentage of the lifespan of a natural man is focused on what can be gathered, and a display of self- accumulation of stuffs. Unfortunately, not until a man is getting closer to the grave will he realize that material possessions will be forgotten but human impacts is what count.

Beloved, during your lifetime you will directly or indirectly impact the lives of approximately 10,000 other people. The question you need to answer is: will this be a positive or negative one? Riches or wealth does not necessarily have to be impact denominator. There are catalogues of people with huge fortunes who lived, died and made little or no difference in their life time; whereas in the same world, people with no pedigree, born with no silver spoon in their mouth but full of vision have left this world with an indelible positive impacts e.g. Paul the Apostle (II Timothy 4:7).

Everyone has been given a measure of grace by God. The direction of usage is a function of individual’s decision. Be assured that inside of you is a huge divine potential for achieving incredible feats in life. Going forward, believe it, develop the grace, cherish it, use it and make use of it to bless your generation.