FAKE CERTIFICATE? “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed…. (Luke 12:2)
Certificates are document showing attainment of proficiencies in a given profession and conferred on a recipient by reputable registered training organisations. Going by this definition, questions need to be asked about the authenticity, reputation and sources of many certificates. Beloved, are you carrying fake certificates around purporting them as originals? Even if you’re deceiving others, your conscience tells you that you are fake and if the foundation is shaky, the whole structure will not endure (Psalm 11:3).
Are you alarmed at what goes on in the Church today – the desecration of the altar, all manner of manipulations, the forceful taking over of the Kingdom by gangs and pollution of the temple? Are you asking where do they get their ‘callings and qualifications’ from and who commissioned them into the ministry? Truly, we are in the last day!
The challenge to the few that are prepared to go all the way with God despite the influx of fakes is that: it is possible to still serve God and not with a pure heart (II Chronicles 25:2). When you offer those spiritual services with futuristic rewards (in kind and otherwise) from men, when you suddenly shift your focus to man as your source and with manipulative strategies in an attempt to ‘help’ God; then you’re on the route to disappointment and destruction.
It will take you eating a humble pie, taking the path of re-routing your ways, and righting all wrongs now in order to amend those errors. It is humbling to learn that one is carrying a fake certificate on a screening day; such people end up been disqualified. As you approach heaven’s gate, your certificate shall be screened and it shall be too late to make amend; therefore check it up now to confirm if what you’re carrying about is a genuine or fake certificate.