“….…..a spring shut up, a fountain sealed” (Song of Solomon 4:12)

A farmer’s citrus tree produced great harvest of fruit consistently and became a money maker for him; and as expected, he invested heavily in marketing to boost his sales and ultimately the business bottom line and never noticed that the trees were ageing and dying. One day he woke up to the reality of things – the root had dried up which consequently affected the capacity to bear fruit. The truth is that he’s been so focussed on the fruit that he neglected the root. So what are you focussed on? When you nurture the root you’ll always have the fruit and if you chose to ignore the root, you could as well forget the fruit.
Your root need enabling environment to be fully nourished so as to bear fruit in abundance seasonally. Like a plant restricted in the same pot, over time the root will be twisted and growth will be constrained – you cannot grow beyond the limit of your environment.
However when you turn everything to God, your constrained environment such as (financial, mission challenges, business/entrepreneurial bottlenecks or poor academic results) will not determine your final harvest. Therefore get connected to the “root” as it supplies the nutrient that dictates the fruit. Jesus is the original root (Romans 15:12).
Is your fruit-bearing tree drying up, He can revamp it again (Job 14:9), or is your environment limiting you from realising your potential? He can re-plant you in a new container free from restrictions (a perfect place for you) to bless your generation. Therefore never under-estimate your root while focussing on the fruit, doing so may end in unfulfilled ambition.