“And Jabez called on the God of Israel…… (I Chron 4:10)

There are layers of success in life; but for a child of God, good success is one of your divine inheritance. Virtually everything on earth is guided by rules, regulations and principles. Good success comes by following the laid down principles in the Bible.

To succeed where others have failed, learn to observe why “others” fail. Patiently study their mistakes and pain-stakingly avoid their errors through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The second principle is knowing where to start. Jabez in I Chronicles 4:10 knew where to start. Endeavour to make God the bedrock of all ventures and He will supervise what he commence to make good success of them.

Sincerely ask yourself the question: ‘Am I equipped for this venture or following another man’s vision?’ Many ventures – physical and spiritual fail because of poor feasibility plan, myopic vision and lack of commitment, weak/lack of follow-up and prayerlessness.

I submit that to succeed in marriage, career, academics, business life and ministry, we must arm ourselves with a clear vision, run the venture and calling professionally like a business man who expects profit/gain (Matt 25:14-30), have a plan or projection, and be committed to excellence. Be diligent and hardworking and let God be your number one priority. Jabez was more honourable than his brethren because he called on the Almighty and was specific in his request. Happy are you if you do same!