“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest …” (Genesis 8:22)

Seedtimes always precedes season of harvest; and the healthier and bigger your seed is, the propensity to have bumper harvest becomes real when all other conditions are fulfilled. The time of harvest is the period of receiving report card and depending on the duration (monthly, quarterly or annually); it can bring laughter, joy or sadness and shame.

As we wind down the year 2015, to some people the year has gone very fast; while in the life of others, it has been a very slow, dragging year. Whatever dimension you view year 2015, the fact is that you sowed some seeds couple of years, months, and days ago and you have started reaping and harvesting the results.

As a student, as the academic season winds down, your seed of diligence or otherwise have brought your desired harvest. As a husband or wife, the seed of love ploughed into your relationship is bringing forth fruit now, and if yours is the reverse, the truth is that you cannot reap where you did not sow. As a converted Christian, your spiritual diligence and hard-work in God’s vineyard is bringing good result of conversion of souls, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Spirit and expansion of God’s kingdom in people’s lives (Matthew 25:14-30).

It is instructive to remember that our time on earth represents season of seedtime when we are expected to deploy all our God-given resources adequately and timely into the vast field of the earth with an eternal aim of bountiful harvest that will not lead to shame when the time of reward shall occur (II Timothy 4: 7-8). The good news for those who are feeling let down about their expected harvest is that: God always provide second opportunity for human beings. Are you an unrepentant sinner or a mere Church goer with no definite encounter with the Saviour yet? When you come to Him, He can make your harvest time (whenever it comes) to be a joyous one (Matthew 11:28).