Have you wondered how Jesus Christ was able to successfully manage His workload without crashing? I declare to you that He knew His purpose, gifts and calling and stayed focused. While you are enveloped with conflicting priorities and matters contesting for your attention, you should be sincere to yourself by identifying areas of your calling and expertise; stick to them and delegate the rest.

This will not be easy because people will place heavy and “reasonable” demands, that are not in line with your calling, on your time and energy; but you must identify those activities that drain you and avoid them – except they are really essential. Then, mark out those things that energise you and make each of them an essential part of your life.

Let’s learn from the best business manager that ever lived – Jesus Christ the King of kings. In John 6:14-15, Jesus knew that He wasn’t sent to the world to be enthroned as an earthly king but for the salvation of the souls of sinners. So He departed to the mountain to pray because in prayers lied the secret of the successes recorded in His busy daily schedule. Nobody was or is busier than Jesus. John said in John 21:25 that: there were many other things that Jesus did which if written, the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.

Create moments and time to energise yourself by studying the Word and praying, then you will have enough strength to draw from your reservoir when demands are placed on you.