“Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy”. Matthew 5:7

Everyone (immaterial of his position) needs help (Psalm 121:1-2). It’s because human need is endless, while supplies are limited here on earth. A wise individual therefore should be connected to the unlimited source – El-shaddai God.

It is in the nature of a natural man to keep adding wealth upon wealth even when peasants are lacking basic things of life. Statistics confirmed that 8 richest people in the world are richer than half the world (Oxfam International report, 2017). While some of them give generously to philanthropic causes, one will think that the spirit of giving should cut across everyone.

Jesus teachings and ministry is all about giving that is anchored on love (John 3:16). End-time believers should exemplify this behaviour by extending love to someone and lending helping hand to those in dire need of it. Someone is very near you who’s in need of help. This may be in different form and shape.

Be ready to leave your comfort zone, to share, to give out, render assistances, to donate and sacrifice when required. When you do this, joy unspeakable will fill your heart, people will call you blessed and new stuffs will flow into your life and God will show mercy on you (Matthew 5:7). Never dwell on whether you will or not be appreciated by the recipients of your good- will because you are doing it for God.