The three Hebrew boys – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had nothing to gain by blatantly refusing to bow to the king’s idol other than that the king ordered them to violate their conviction – there is no other God than Jehovah! Their action could be summarized as: ‘Better a live dog than a dead lion. If we stay alive, we can do some good for God and others.’ That line would have sold most of us, but not them. Why?

They recognized that their blessings came from God, not Nebuchadnezzar – and they understood that you can’t abandon the principles of God and still maintain His blessings. They must have also asked themselves that: why grieve or disobey the One who controls everything, to get along with somebody who only thinks he controls everything?

Beloved, there will always be people in your life who think they can control your future. God controls our days! He’s also bigger than those who think they control our lives. By refusing to bow, when bowing seemed their only option (Dan 3:17-18), these three boys radically influenced a pagan king and turned the hearts of an entire kingdom to the true God.

Your influence may not be widespread like these 3 boys, but one thing you can count on: others are watching who’ll be hugely impacted by the stand you take for the Lord!