“For all the land which thou see, to thee will I give it and to thy seed… (Genesis 13:15).
Possibility is endless when God is involved. Any man in partnership with God is permitted to determine how far God can go with him and this fact cuts across every area of human’s endeavour as exemplified in Genesis 13:14-15.
Attainment of possibilities has a lot to do with the power of vision. I suggest to you that an attempt to bestow a blessing on a man whose vision cannot carry it will result in misuse and abuse. Vision in this instance is both spiritual and physical. You’re expected to perceive it before you can have it. Abraham obeyed God’s instructions by looking to the north, south, west and east and seeing his descendants occupying the land even when he was barren and a stranger in Canaan.
Life is full of possibilities. Many things that people of old believed will not be possible are now realities today. Both round and square pegs are non-existent again and we’re living in a world of endless possibilities especially for the children of God (Genesis 11:6).
Vision has five characteristics – a picture, a change, a map, a challenge and values. You need an ideal space to visualise alternative to current status quo and unless you’re close to the owner of all ‘secrets’, you may be an outsider in this space. Is novelty and bigness of your idea making it seem impossible to realise for you? Relax, because when the Almighty God is involved, impossibility becomes possibility (Lk 1:37).
Has men echoed it to your hearing severally that you’re too bad to be saved? Don’t believe them but remind them of the conversion of Paul the Apostle. You can still earn that academic degree even at the age of 70. You will still carry your own baby even if it takes God repeating Sarah’s miracle in your life. That incurable disease is man’s verdict, God made every human organ and He will heal you. I therefore challenge you to see possibility even in a ‘thick cloudy’ situation (Isaiah 43: 18-19).