“…..but that the works of God should be made manifest in him” (John 9:3)
Christ’s disciples were amazed to see a man born blind (without eye sockets) from his birth and
asked their Coach, what happened. Surprisingly Jesus answered them that not all ailments,
sicknesses, setbacks or disappointments are products of sin; but there are rare ones that occur so as
to bring glory to the name of the Lord.
Because of human limitations, we are quick to make judgements about certain events and
circumstances, whereas God’s definition of such may be completely at variance with humans. The
incidence in John 9:1-3 was a long term design of heaven even before the man was conceived, so as
to perfect the eternal purpose of Christ’s mission on earth.
In the same vein, whenever a child of God receives a blessing (spiritual and/or material); instinctively
he should know that God may be setting him up for avalanche of future divine experiences. The
story of one of the wives of the sons of the prophets in an encounter with Prophet Elisha in II Kings
4:1-7 comes with many lessons which include:
-When all the bottles were filled with oil, she went back to Elisha for the next instruction. Others
may jump that step and take matter to their hands but she knew that God through Elisha was up to
something in her life.
-Elisha told her to sell and pay her debts.
-She got left over money from the sales and this served as her pension fund all the rest of her life.
Beloved, all things (whether good or challenging) will always work for good in the life of a child of
God. The qualifying factor still remains: divine identity? Are you part of His kingdom ?If yes,
congratulations, but if you’re not sure, I encourage you to return to your Maker (the Lord Jesus
Christ) and He’s willing to rewrite your story.
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